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About the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee

The Building Company are registered Master Builders, which means all our clients are covered by the Master Build 10-year guarantee.

Our market leading building Guarantee allows you and your family to rest easy in the knowledge that, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your home build or renovation, Registered Master Builders will help resolve any issues and finish your home to the highest standard.

The Master Build 10-Year Guarantee has been developed in New Zealand, for New Zealand homes. It’s designed to suit your modern building needs.

Only a Registered Master Builder, such as The Building Company, can offer you the peace of mind of a Master Build 10-Year Guarantee.


How does the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee benefit homeowners?

The protection provided by our  Guarantee not only gives you peace of mind – it also makes good financial sense:

If something does go wrong with your build, your Guarantee kicks in and we will step in to help you get your home finished to the highest standard
It adds value to your property
It’s fully transferable if you decide to sell
It helps finance your build, as most banks require it
It costs less than 1% of the total build cost to protect your biggest investment
Please note: The cover below is only applicable to the new Master Build 10-Year Guarantee, available from 1 April 2018. Other terms and conditions exist, and different versions offer differing levels of cover.

If you have any questions about the level of cover under your Guarantee, please contact our customer service team.

Our Guarantee is designed to ensure you have the protection you need, whatever the size of your building project:


  • Loss of Deposit and Non-Completion: While you’re still building our Guarantee protects your deposit and covers you for non-completion and remedial work (you can choose to opt out of this cover).
  • Workmanship and Materials: Your project is covered for defects in workmanship and materials for two years after your building work is completed.
  • Structural Defects: You’re protected for any structural defects including weathertightness issues (rot and fungal decay) for 10 years from the date your Guarantee is accepted.
  • Temporary Accommodation: If your home is unable to be lived in after it has been completed as a result of the damage in your claim, you will be covered for costs and expenses relating to removal, storage and alternative accommodation needed to a maximum value of $10,000
  • In the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your home build or renovation, Registered Master Builders will help resolve any issues and finish your home to highest standard.


How much does it cost?

The Master Build Guarantee usually costs less than 1% of the total build cost.

The cost of our Guarantee will reflect the cost of your build. You’ll also pay less if you opt out of Loss of Deposit, Non-Completion and Remedial Cover.


The process – what you need to do to make sure you’re covered

Your builder will talk to you about the Master Build 10-Year Guarantee.

Your builder will send the documentation to Master Build Services before work starts. The Guarantee is not valid until you and your builder have received written confirmation from Master Build Services. If you have not received written confirmation within 14 days, please contact us immediately.


Master Builder Guarantee FAQ’s

For more information on the Master Build Guarantee visit the official page


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