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Thanks to the kiwi attitude towards home improvement, renovations make up about 80% of our work. Often families have chosen a home in the perfect location that has served them well for many years, only to find that it’s not to their taste, it’s showing its age, or it simply cannot hold the entire family anymore. Cue the home reno and The Building Company!

We can add value to your space while creating the perfect home environment for you. Sign-up for your home face-lift with us for an outstanding outcome.

Cost of Home Renovations

We have dealt in a huge range of renovations, and depending on the scope of the project, the cost can vary greatly. The important thing to note is that we provide the same level of commitment and craftsmanship to a job that costs $5000, as we do to a job that costs $1,000,000.

Investing in Your Home with a Renovation

By hiring a skilled team you can achieve a renovation that increases value as well as pride of ownership. Investing some money in a kitchen or bathroom renovation, or any other type of home improvement, can make life a lot easier for you, and can help you get some of that money back in your pocket in the end.

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