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Firstly – What is Building and Resource Consent?

Resource Consent is the approval of a number of things that are resource based – division of land, use of coastal space, building a house, release of contaminants into air, soil or water, and the use of water are all examples of things requiring resource consent. All things that can affect the environment or other people.

Building Consent allows you to build a specific building on a specific piece of land, within building regulations, ensuring a safe build that is in line with the planning of the area you reside in. This consent is based off of the thorough plans and documentation that you will provide to them – so all planning must be done in advance of the consent.

These consents must be obtained prior to us carrying out the work.

How can we help?

Being experienced in building, renovations, and having a connection to the design, means we have a thorough understanding of Building and Resource Consent. We can advise you of the plans that do or do not require consent (some building work is considered low risk and therefore does not require building consent).

We also have the ability to identify some aspects of plans that may need changing prior to seeking building consent which can save you having to apply for consent repeatedly as result of having failed applications.

Please note that the planning and consent stage can take months, or it can go as long as a year, so patience and diligence are required.


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